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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Homemade Rod Tube

I recently purchased a Fountainhead Caddis 360 rod as a backup to my 12′ Iwana.  As you know, the Fountainhead rods are inexpensive (the Caddis 360 about $50), but I’ve read good things about them on the blogs.  In any case (if you’ll excuse the pun), the Fountainhead rods are supplied without a rod case.  … Continue reading »

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Beetle Kebari

Trout Crack     One of the fundamentals of tenkara angling is the one-fly concept.  Most Japanese tenkara adherents use just one pattern (although the size or color may vary), usually in the sakasa kebari style.  I would think that most of us who have adopted the tenkara technique in this country are probably still using … Continue reading »

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First Bass, Tenkara Style

I’m 99% a stream angler and 99.99% a trout angler, which is why tenkara is such a good fit for me.  But when my good friend G.T. (aka, the Gun Nut) asked me to fish a small lake he’d discovered for bass, I didn’t hesitate.  You see, G.T. and I have been friends since second grade … Continue reading »

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Get Your Motor Running, Take Along Tenkara

A fellow and I were having a conversation the other day, and the topic turned to hobbies we enjoyed.  Of course, I explained tenkara, and his passion was riding his Honda Goldwing cross country.  In fact, he was planning his second motorcycle trip from the midwest to Alaska this summer.  He mentioned that, while he … Continue reading »

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Daniel Galhardo

It’s unusual, in any human pursuit or field of knowledge, for one individual with a singular vision to transform that activity in a fundamental way.  But Daniel Galhardo has done just that.  No, it’s not finding a cure for cancer, but he has single-handedly altered the fly fishing landscape in a real and lasting way.  … Continue reading »

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Piscatorial Pedophilia?

I’m lucky in that I’m not obsessed with catching large trout.  Like many anglers, I’m content to catch a fish large in relation to the size of the stream it inhabits.  A nine or ten inch brookie in the Smokies is a thrill for me, but….I was reading on Chris Stewart’s blog about a subset … Continue reading »

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The Nature Conservancy

If you are not familiar with the Nature Conservancy, please visit their website and learn about the great work that they do.  What I appreciate about this environmental advocacy group is that it accomplishes its goals in a nonconfronational, nonpolitical way.  The Nature Conservancy is all about acquiring and holding in perpetuity lands that are under … Continue reading »

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Tenkara in the News

Just received my latest issue of Fly Fisherman magazine (June/July 2012) and was gratified to see an article on tenkara written by Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia.  What a thrill to see a magazine of that stature in our fly fishing community giving serious attention to our version of the sport.  And what an endorsement for … Continue reading »

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Smoky MountainTenkara Water I’m not a wealthy guy.  In the dozen-or-so years that I have been fly fishing, I have hired a guide on three occasions.  Frank was my first, a mature guy about my age, who guided my wife and me on the Roaring river in Rocky Mountain National Park. Frank guided out of Estes Angler … Continue reading »

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