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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fall Fishing

Anticipation, anticipation…. For centuries poets have reminded us that autumn is the season for contemplation.  The parallel between the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives is too compelling to ignore, especially as one accumulates decades.  I know that, for me, in fall,  time seems to slow, obeying some kind of non-Einsteinian law.  … Continue reading »

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Commercial Floatants, Good Bye

If you’ve  been reading this blog, you know that I am a “tenkara the tool” angler, not a “tenkara the method” fisher.  I fish dry flies 95% of the time, so I use a lot of floatant. Finally, I got tired of paying $5.99 for  floatant and struggling to use it.  It is so temperature-dependent … Continue reading »

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A Good Read

I would encourage everyone to read Scott Willoughby’s recent article in the Denver Post regarding the use and preservation of public lands in the West, especially as the election nears.

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Iceland, Tenkaraland?

      My wife and I just completed a ten-day journey through Iceland.  If there’s one thing that defines this unique island, it’s water in all forms–glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, ocean, rain, mist, and snow.  Did I mention rivers?  It seems like you can’t drive five miles in Iceland without crossing a river or stream.  … Continue reading »

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