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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Bakassa Kebari Vindicated

In an earlier post I included a video explaining the tying of the Bakassa Kebari, a tenkara fly I “invented” based upon the iconic tenkara fly, the sakasa kebari.  As you know, the sakasa kebari is a “reverse hackle” fly,  the hackle facing forward over the hookeye instead of backward as in a traditional Western … Continue reading »

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Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice is a new documentary film chronicling the relentless retreat of arctic ice from the assault of global warming.  Photographer and filmmaker, James Balog, and his team planted solar-powered time- lapse cameras in multiple locations in the arctic and subarctic and over a several-year period documented this climate phenomenon.  If the movie trailer is … Continue reading »

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Role Models

I have an angling role model, although I don’t know him, nor does he know me.  Several years ago, I was fishing Soda Butte creek.  As I made my way down the hill from the parking lot  to the little wooden bridge across the stream, I observed an angler standing midstream.  This gentleman appeared to be … Continue reading »

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“The Earth’s Not Warming”

Sung to the tune, “I’m Not In Love,” by 10cc.[/embed] “The Earth’s not warming, It’s all a hoax, or maybe a silly phase the Earth’s going through.   Climate science Is a bunch of crap, What we need is more oil and gas.   And I need a lot, For my Escalade, So others can see … Continue reading »

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Backcountry Gentleman, Welcome Back!

One of the finest outdoor blogs, The Backcountry Gentleman, is up and running again after a several-month absence.  The author of this blog is an accomplished wordsmith and black and white photographer.  If you enjoy outdoor mountain pursuits, please read the blog.

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