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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Bury Me Beneath the Cedar Tree

Bury me green beneath the cedar tree, the one that stands sentinel to the stream, that I might lie there and see trout rising to caddis’ awkward flight, mayflies riding the morning light, that I might hear the trout’s guffaw, and the angler’s curse, and the crow caw his avian verse, until such a time that … Continue reading »

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I’m Sittin’ Here on the Group W Bench…

Warren County Courthouse 1971.  G.T. and I are at his uncle’s place on the Missouri River.  Uncle Ben has a great old white two-story clapboard farmhouse on a hill overlooking the wide, muddy river, tight against the railroad tracks.  Sometimes we fish from a sandbar for Jurassic carp, tossing globs of nightcrawlers on large treble hooks, sunk into the lazy brown … Continue reading »

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