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“The Wintertime Blues”

Posted by on April 18, 2013

Tenkara in the US is, of course, a sport still evolving.  With the publishing of his online literary magazine devoted to tenkara and related topics, “The Wintertime Blues,”, Anthony Naples, author of the fine blog Casting Around has advanced the culture of tenkara in a significant way.  As you have no doubt already discovered, there exist many people in the blogosphere who enjoy writing or doing art or photography related to tenkara.  These people by and large are talented in their respective crafts.  I found the prose, poetry, and art in “The Wintertime Blues” to be professional, entertaining, and sometimes poignant.

I look forward to the day when tenkara has its own body of literature similar to traditional flyfishing and a regular online magazine.  Anthony Naples’ effort is a huge leap toward this goal.  Kudos!

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