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Gosh, There ARE Trout In There!

Posted by on July 12, 2013

Oh yeah, they’re there.  Hiding. Waiting.  Lurking on the bottom and along the edges. There’s a portion of Spring Creek where a languid run is compressed into a long chute of rushing water, water now nervous and impatient. When I was new to trout fishing, I used to pass this stretch by, not understanding that trout do indeed inhabit this water.  Now it has become my favorite water. The takes here are explosive, Poseidon trout-missiles launching from the depths to annihilate whatever large buoyant fly I offer. Before tenkara, I would highstick with my five weight, using just a foot or less of flyline and a shortened leader and tippet held high off the stream. This proved a successful strategy, yet there were attractive looking areas just beyond the reach of my nine-foot rod. Tenkara has largely solved this dilemma. With its extra three feet of reach, my Iwana now allows me to pick these pockets, significantly improving my catch rate.  Watch the attached video to see how it works.













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