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Microfishing? MICROFISHING?

Posted by on July 18, 2014

Apparently there is a group of anglers dedicated to catching small fish, minnows, chubs, darters and the like.  Chris Stewart, the Tenkarabum, even sells a four-foot rod designed for this purpose.  microfishing rod (collapsed)

Now, I think I’m a pretty open-minded guy, but there’s something a little creepy about microfishing; kind of like piscatorial pedophilia.

As for me…

Nine inches is good if you’re a (anatomical reference deleted), but not a trout.  Sure, I enjoy catching small wild trout on beautiful mountain streams, blah, blah, blah, but once in a while give me a trout with some heft, some shoulders.  A trout that will go toe-to-toe with me and maybe bite off a piece of my ear.  An old kype-jawed Dick the Bruiser who will break my Iwana in two and shove the pieces up my (anatomical reference deleted).Dick the Bruiser

Microfishing?  Does one extend the pinkie finger while casting?

Woo Hoo! A trophy!

Woo Hoo! A trophy!


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