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Homemade Rod Tube

Posted by on May 29, 2012

I recently purchased a Fountainhead Caddis 360 rod as a backup to my 12′ Iwana.  As you know, the Fountainhead rods are inexpensive (the Caddis 360 about $50), but I’ve read good things about them on the blogs.  In any case (if you’ll excuse the pun), the Fountainhead rods are supplied without a rod case.  For hiking this is not a problem, but I do like a rod tube for protection while flying etc.

So I took a trip to my local Lowes and four dollars later I had my rod tube.  I purchased a pre-cut two-foot section of  1  1/2″ PVC pipe and a couple of endcaps.  Finding a can of spray paint lurking in the basement that sort of matched the pleasant deep blue of the Caddis 360, I painted the PVC and endcaps.  One of the endcaps I glued permanently onto the PVC.

I hope to review the Caddis 360 as soon as I’ve had the opportunity to fish it on Spring Creek.




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