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“The Earth’s Not Warming”

Posted by on November 5, 2012

Sung to the tune, “I’m Not In Love,” by 10cc.[/embed]

“The Earth’s not warming,

It’s all a hoax,

or maybe a silly phase the Earth’s going through.


Climate science

Is a bunch of crap,

What we need is more oil and gas.


And I need a lot,

For my Escalade,

So others can see I’ve got it made.


And my lawn won’t win a prize,

Unless I water and fertilize.

(Climate science is bunk, oh yeah.)


Icecaps melting,

Who gives a damn,

Guess the polar bears are in a jam.


Oceans rising,

More and more,

Soon Pittsburgh will be on the shore.


Carbon, you’ve got to love it,

After all, aren’t diamonds made of it?

(Climate science is bunk, oh yeah.)


Drought and superstorms,

Now the norm,

Kiss goodbye your family farm.


Climate science,

a liberal plot,

Democrats think it’s real,

But it’s not.

(Climate change is bunk, oh yeah.)


The earth’s not warming….”





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