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Summer (Mayfly) Blizzard on Spring Creek

Posted by on August 6, 2012

The Object of Every Trout's Desire


The Object of Some Trouts' Desire


To me, one of nature’s greatest spectacles is perhaps an understated one:  a mayfly hatch. This is one of those events that reminds me of the mystery and logic of nature.  Standing midstream, a little  movement catches my eye, and from seemingly  nowhere a few mayflies have begun an aerial ballet.  Soon joined by more and more of their kind, they suggest a blizzard where the snowflakes are held aloft by a gentle updraft, finally alighting on the water’s purling surface to “welcomed” by smutting trout.<a href=""></a>




This dance is the reward for their months of underwater existence, as is the transformation from nymph to the beauty of mayfly dun.  To the tenkara angler, it promises some great dryfly fishing.

2 Responses to Summer (Mayfly) Blizzard on Spring Creek

  1. Kate Hammer

    Hi There,
    I work for the Foundation for Ohio River Education the educational arm of ORSANCO. I WOULD LOVE to use your “Object of every trouts desire” photo to show my students. It will not be published but may be printed for some handouts. We would like to share it with the thousands of kids we see. We would always credit the photographer and of course we are a non-profit. Please let us know if we have your permission to use this photo in this way.

    Either way… Great Shot. :)

    Many Thanks, Kate Hammer

    • Tenkara Ambassador

      Kate, sorry I didn’t reply sooner. My blog is rather dormant now, but please feel free to use the photo in any way you like. Christopher Seep, aka the Tenkara Ambassador

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