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North Fork of the St. Vrain River, the Movie

Posted by on July 20, 2012

The North Fork of the St. Vrain river in Rocky Mountain National Park is quintessential tenkara water.  If you’re seeking a less crowded angling experience in the Park than, say, the Roaring, Big Thompson, or Fall rivers, I would suggest checking it out

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4 Responses to North Fork of the St. Vrain River, the Movie

  1. Bob coggins

    Yes,yes tenkara is not the holy grail it is just fishing. Been a fly fishing guy
    Long before “that movie”. Tenkara key point is that it is SIMPLE.

  2. Tenkara Ambassador

    Well said.

  3. Dale h.

    Dude! How can you be the Tenkara Ambasador?! I just watched your video on the St. Vrain and you don’t even cast correctly!!? You force/throw the line! Plop! Go back and really study the “masters”. Arm close , CLOSE to your side, a FLICK of the elbow and wrist! If your gonna put this out in the “public domain” then at least get it right man!

  4. Tenkara Ambassador


    Thanks for your comment. I am the tenkara ambassador, not the tenkara expert. I make no claims in that regard. I’m just a guy who enjoys the hell out of trout fishing and is grateful to have discovered tenkara.

    Please feel free to make a post to this blog if you like. We’d all like to learn from you. Just attach it to an email to

    Thanks and have a good day.

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