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EZ-Keepers Are Keepers

Posted by on August 12, 2012

Plain But Utilitarian

In a recent blog post the author described difficulties with line tangle using EZ-Keepers on her tenkara rod.  While not as attractive and sexy as some of the handcrafted line spools I’ve seen on the ‘net, I can’t imagine an easier system of line storage than EZ-Keepers.

For the past year I’ve been using a pair of EZ-Keepers purchased from Chris Stewart.  As you can see from the photo, the Keepers are spaced about ten inches apart on the butt end of the rod.


I can’t remember a single instance where the line tangled when removing it from the keepers.  The difference between my experience and that of the other blogger may be that she apparently wrapped the line in a figure-eight configuration, whereas I wind the line as I would on a spool.  A spare rubber O-ring between the EZ-Keepers provides a convenient place to secure a fly with the rod folded.<a href=""></a>

The beauty of the EZ-Keeper system, then, is its utility.  If one wanted, he could even leave his line wound on the keepers and still fit the rod into the rod tube (however, this might invite kinking of the line).

2 Responses to EZ-Keepers Are Keepers

  1. Jason Klass

    I was the first person to suggest the use of EZ Keepers for tenkara back in 2010: I’ve since denounced them. They don’t save time and only add kinks to the line. I can store and deploy my line in the same amount of time using a line spool and since it’s round, avoid the kinks. It seemed like a good system at the time but after a while, I realized it wasn’t the best method:

    • Tenkara Ambassador


      Thanks a lot for your imput. I haven’t had problems with line kinking, but I remove the line from the rod at the end of each fishing trip. Good to hear from you.

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