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Hookin’ Up With An Old Girlfriend

Posted by on August 22, 2012

Still Haven't Mastered The Double Haul

Well, not really.  My wife would probably go Lorena Bobbitt on me.  But after a year of solely tenkara angling, I dusted off the old five-weight and went fishing.  My friend, G.T., invited me to go back to the little lake where I caught my first tenkara bass.  You might remember from the earlier post that I found that I could not cast my 12′ Iwana as far into the lake as I’d like (after all, tenkara IS primarily a stream tool).  I knew I’d have a lot more “reach” with my five-weight, and I did.  But I was soon reminded at what cost.  I’ll admit upfront that I am not an accomplished flycaster.  My right hand is fairly smart, but my left is imbecilic.  Therefore, although I can manage a single haul, I never mastered the double haul.  Perhaps that’s why tenkara is so attractive to me.  My southpaw can just hang around and admire what the right hand is doing.

Anyway, while fishing today I was reminded of how false-casting and line management with my western flyrod can actually DETRACT from my fishing enjoyment.  Numerous times after stripping in my fly, the coils of line at my feet would find their away around shoreline sticks or rocks or my boot.  This need for line management is actually magnified on moving water.  Being free of this right-hand, left-hand duet is another aspect of the simplicity of tenkara.  On the stream, at least, less time mending, managing slack, etc. equals more time concentrating on my fly and catching fish.

I expected that perhaps I would discover that I missed the mechanics of casting the western flyrod, the music of the reel when I stripped line from it preparing to cast.  But I didn’t.  So, perhaps tenkara is the last refuge for the inept flycaster, but I’m over that now.  I just enjoy how tenkara has improved my ability to catch fish.

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