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Kofi Annan, Jimmy Carter, Help!

Posted by on August 17, 2012

A Difficult Mission Awaits...

Now that Kofi Annan has finished in his peace mission to Syria, perhaps he can undertake one in Tenkaraland.  The debate between Chris Stewart and Daniel Galhardo has reached a new level of  recrimination and acrimony.  Time Out!

There will probably never be a consensus on what tenkara is, so perhaps it’s time to admit that, call a truce, and allow the sport to progress in a spirit of friendship and inclusiveness.  Tenkara angler of all “colors” probably are much more the same than they are different.  Most just want to spend a day on the stream, catching fish, without the complexities adherent to western flyfishing.

Let’s advance our passion by emphasizing, then, how, as tenkara anglers, we’re more alike than different.   Let’s inform the narrative of fly fishing by promoting the simplicity of our sport, its effectiveness, and its accesability to new anglers.  Let’s recruit those with professional writing and photography skills to make submissions to the major flyfishing and outdoor publications.  Let’s develop a quality online tenkara magazine.

We’re just witnessing the birth of tenkara in the West.  There’s a lot of growth to come.  Let’s don’t turn off potential converts by endless bickering.

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