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Chasing Ice

Posted by on November 13, 2012

Chasing Ice is a new documentary film chronicling the relentless retreat of arctic ice from the assault of global warming.  Photographer and filmmaker, James Balog, and his team planted solar-powered time- lapse cameras in multiple locations in the arctic and subarctic and over a several-year period documented this climate phenomenon.  If the movie trailer is any indication,  when all the images were edited, what resulted is a beautiful, haunting, and powerful depiction of the steady loss of arctic ice.  This film has won numerous awards at film festivals and will certainly contribute to the ongoing discourse on climate change.  I would encourage everyone to visit the filmmaker’s website,, to view a trailer for the film.

I know Chasing Ice will resonate strongly with those who,  like me, are drawn to ice, to glaciers, snow, cold water, mountains, and boreal forests.  Those who would rather spend a day hiking in the tundra that lounging on a Caribbean beach. Inexplicably as a child I already felt the pull of mountains, long before I ever had the opportunity to actually visit one.  Perhaps Oetzi is my 35th great grandfather; or maybe, were my genome parsed, a surfeit of Neanderthal DNA would be found (my wife would agree with that.)

If you enjoy fishing trout streams, most having their source in ice, you will enjoy this film.

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