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Piscatorial Pedophilia?

Posted by on May 9, 2012

I’m lucky in that I’m not obsessed with catching large trout.  Like many anglers, I’m content to catch a fish large in relation to the size of the stream it inhabits.  A nine or ten inch brookie in the Smokies is a thrill for me, but….I was reading on Chris Stewart’s blog about a subset of fishermen, perhaps mostly in Japan at present, who purposely target small fish.  Really small fish–minnows to be exact.  Microrods and microflies are used to lure these “trophies.”  Somehow that seems a bit unnatural.

Well, we tenkara fishermen are an oppressed bunch, so I guess we have to keep an open mind.  Next time that 2″ chub grabs your fly when trout fishing, enjoy the moment!

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