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About Me

Hi! I am the tenkara ambassador.  My wife was first to suggest that moniker for me.  Seems like I am always extolling the virtues (as I see them) of tenkara to other anglers astream.  Like many, I am haunted by rivers, specifically mountain rivers.  Cold, transparent water obeying the imperatives of gravity and terrain.  The promise of trout, the sudden snatch of the fly, the electric connection to a fish via rod, line, and fly; somehow its energy flowing to me in reverse; the possibility of fooling a trout with my counterfeit.  Haunted also by shards of persistent snow on a Rocky Mountain peak in summer, by the unique clarity of mountain sunlight, by the cool, dry air on my face; possessed too by the fecundity of an Appalachian stream, its pleasant claustrophobia of mammoth rhododendron, mountain laurel, and spruce, so overwhelmingly green.  I dream of a ceiling of stars on a new moon night, bright pinpricks in the dark celestial fabric above a leaping campfire, or of a bright moon with its peculiar quicksilver light casting a tent-shadow on the snow.  I imagine myself now standing in the river, the pleasant press of moving water against my legs, straining to hear the whispering of the water, trying to decipher its language, so ancient that none can understand it perhaps but the wind.  I am haunted by rivers…and I’ll bet you are, too.

17 Responses to About Me

  1. Bob4st

    …well said…

  2. Phil Smailes

    agreed, it’s not about the catching, its about getting out there

    • william branham

      I used to think it was not about the catching until I learned how to catch the little buggers. For me it’s as much about the catch and release as being out there.

  3. Rick

    It was great meeting you and your wife at Montauk. I took your advice and fished a small dry the rest of the day with great success.


    • Tenkara Ambassador

      Rick, the pleasure was ours. Thanks for the kind comments. I looked online at the Dragontail rods, and they look like a great value. Let the readers of the blog how the rod performs.

  4. Rick

    I’m heading to the Current below the park in a couple of weeks. I’m looking for any tips I can get. I’m the only one in the group fishing Tenkara and I need hold my own. Your tip using the Beetle Karbi was worth gold. I would appreciate any advice I can get.

  5. Kai Men

    Hello Chris, “All my fish tihis year have been Tenkara!”
    Fellow Frost… Tenkara Rod Man. (We were the only two w/ Tenkara Rods there in Aug)).
    I was at Penn’s Creek in PA. Last month for a week. Skunked all week. Well almost. On the last day Friday.
    Put my fly rod done after hooking and losing one on the previous day. After lunch. Put together my Daiwa Kiyose 30SF (10′)
    (Pack Tenkara).
    Shoulder to shoulder with casting members and casting to slurping trout. All week members were catching 10″ and under.
    Stuck my hand into the flowing water and scooped up a Female Trico. I just happened to pick up some small # 22’s in the
    morning at a local fly shop. Eureka! I put the fly on. Casted! And “fish on” 14″ bow or brown. I forgot.
    So far the largest fish all week two hours before calling it quits! Tomorrow we leave.
    But that’s not the end. Stan the fly instructor at FV was so…as we were the only two without
    a fish all week. I yelled to Stan. “Come on over”! He borrow some gink. Slapped it on his caddis. Two casts later. Fish on!
    So Stan now a happy camper. Caught the biggest fish of the week @ 15″. His only one. As we both caught and saved it for the
    very last day!

  6. Luis

    I’m enjoying this site since I discovered it, just fishing without religion or commercial BS.

    • Tenkara Ambassador

      Luis, thanks so much for reading the blog. I’m foremost about tenkara angling but in the broad sense. No particular brand of gear and no restriction on fly selection. Just having fun a stream and catching fish.

  7. Curt

    Dear TA;

    Couldn’t sleep so I picked up my old copy of “On the Spine of Time” and started reading it again at 4:00 am. It immediately took me from my life of concern and worry to another place with peace and solitude. I googled Harry Middleton and came across your page. I lost my job at the age of 59 so my wife and I picked up and moved to Asheville, NC. I’ve been fishing in the mountains a couple days a week since we got here. I would love to know if you have any other info on Harry M or if you know other authors that give you such reading pleasure?


    • Tenkara Ambassador

      Curt, thanks for your comment. There are several outdoor/fishing waiters I enjoy immensely. John Gierach, of course, is the connsumate yarn-spinner, but there are others whose writing really reaches the threshold of literature; whose prose would compare with that in any genre. I would recommend Nick Lyons, Michael Checchio, James R Babb, Ted Lesson, Thomas McGuane, and Roderick L Haig-Brown for starters. Happy reading!

  8. Rnady Fujishin

    Dear TA,
    Just chanced upon your blog and loved the spirit it exudes. Thank you for the clarity, purity, and joy of your message.
    Appreciate you.

  9. Nora

    Dear Grandpa,
    You are quite the poet. I lovd the writing in your blog! Keep on fishin and visit us soon
    Love, Nora

    • Tenkara Ambassador

      Thanks so much for reading the blog. Love you and miss you. Grandpa. Hope you liked your book.

  10. Rick

    You still out there? haven’t seen a post in a while.


  11. William DeLanney

    Enjoy your writing and hope you will continue with this blog.

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