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Tenkara Magazine

Daniel Galhardo, founder of TenkaraUSA, poses an interesting question on his blog.  How many tenkara anglers  do you estimate there are at present?  Difficult to put a firm number to it, but judging from the publication of the first issue of Tenkara Magazine, the “fad” that is tenkara has reached a certain critical mass. If you … Continue reading »

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Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Or the Arcane Politics of Tenkara)

  Sorry, Rodney King (RIP), but I suppose it was inevitable.  Whenever egos, livelihoods, and differing visions collide, conflict is certain to follow.  As I said in my original post, “Tenkara is not a religion, although some would make it so.”  If you regularly visit the TenkaraUSA and the Tenkarabum websites as I do, you … Continue reading »

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Daniel Galhardo

It’s unusual, in any human pursuit or field of knowledge, for one individual with a singular vision to transform that activity in a fundamental way.  But Daniel Galhardo has done just that.  No, it’s not finding a cure for cancer, but he has single-handedly altered the fly fishing landscape in a real and lasting way.  … Continue reading »

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